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RiichiOut Outrun Tournament Registration
Date:    June 6th (Sat) & 7th (Sun, Top 16)
Time:    from 6:30PM Eastern until ?? (5 games daily)
Entry Cost:    FREEEE
Reg Closes:    10 PM Eastern Friday June 5

1st place gets some sort of actual physical trophy

(please don't expect much: this a free event after all ^^)
Top 4 get $10 Gift Certificates to Hammergirl Anime
(Luke's anime store! Thanks for your support!)

(crazy, right? that's the world these days)

THE FORMAT (Short Version):
Mahjong Soul. Random seating every round. Cumulative scoring.
10 Hanchan (5 per day). Special Outrun Elimination rules.

At the end of each round other than the first, a certain number of players (generally 4) with the lowest cumulative scores are eliminated. Eliminated players' placement at time of elimination is their final ranking.

- respect yourself and others during the event
- proper attire - for your avatar - is required :) (base outfits only)
- no outside and/or tool-assisted help or other contact during event. You are allowed only a han-fu calculcation sheet and a yaku sheet, similar to in-person events
- no streaming with less than a 5 minute delay
- no watching, commenting, or viewing stream comments during game
- no combination play or revealing game information to other players
- do your best to not unneccessarily hold up the tournament staff with issues not pertaining to the event
- by beginning a match you are committing to playing that match through to completion (no "rage quitting"/"rage disconnecting")
- follow tournament organizer instructions promptly. failure to do so slows down the event for everyone
- you may mute character voices, BGM, and emotes as you see fit. Conversely, emotes are allowed, but do not delay the game unneccessarily
SIGNUP FORM (confirm on next page!)
Full Name:   
RiichiOut ID #*:   
Discord Tag (include #!):   
MSoul Username:   
*ID Notes:
:: If you are listed in Players, get your id from there.
:: If you are not listed in Players, but have played in a North American Tournament or other RiichiOut-listed event, find and view that event in Tourneys and get your ID there.
:: If after all that you still don't have an ID number, but your club is in RiichiOut, contact your club leader, have them add you, then come back and fill this out.
:: If you aren't part of a club that is in RiichiOut, please put your city/state/province/country and email into the ID field and we will get you set up ASAP. Look for a Discord Friend Request from us - you'll need to respond to get to the tourney discord.
I agree to follow the etiquette rules, read the tourney instructions below before the event, and affirm that the information above refers to myself and is correct. Look for a Discord Friend Request or RO Discord message from us - you'll need to respond to get to the tourney discord.
Registration Closed

Tourney Schedule each day:
6:30 PM: 3 hanchan, 5 min minimum between games
After that: 15 min longer break
After that: 2 more hanchan
After that: Go to bed

- Up to one hour before the day's games start, join the discord (it will be different than the normal RO discord!)
- change your nickname to your first-name last-initial (MSoul id/RO ID)
- - example: name Bob Smith, #00001, id SuperBob > Bob S (SuperBob/00001)
- in #reports type !certify ##### to show that you are here. ##### is your 5-digit RiichiOut ID. You must do this before 6:30 to enter the event.
- you may chat in the main #lounge channel. Note that any poor behavior will be dealt with immediately, contact to report. Removal from the channel by a moderator denotes disqualification from the tournament.
- read #announcements for official instructions. Only approved tournament posts are in there, and it is assumed that you are reading all messages in that channel. Instructions will be posted in English.
- by registering you are agreeing that your name, MSoul ID, and game play may be published by RiichiOut.

Tournament Flow (super short version, keep this open and follow it!!):
- Pairings go up
- First player makes the table and types
    !table # ###### (table-number / room-number) in #reports
- Everyone else looks for their table, joins and checks rules and players
- If all good, Ready up!
- First Player types !begin in #reports
- Plaaaaay
- when done everyone reports their scores with
    !report # ##### (placement / rawpoints) in #reports
Room Settings: Mode: 4-Player, Length: Two-Wind Match, Thinking Time: 5+20s, Advanced: Enable, Starting Points: 50000 (fifty thousand), Min Points to Win: 50000 (fifty thousand), Local Yaku: Disable, Red Five: No Red Five, Open Tanyao: Yes, Min Han: 1 Han, Tips: Yes, Computer: Easy, Open Hands: Disable

Tournament Flow (normal version):
- Pay attention to Discord.
- Round Seatings will be posted.
- If you are the player listed first for your table, make the room.
- - Main Page > Friendly Match > Create Room > Mode: 4-Player, Length: Two-Wind Match, Thinking Time: 5+20s, Advanced: Enable, Starting Points: 50000 (fifty thousand), Min Points to Win: 50000 (fifty thousand), Local Yaku: Disable, Red Five: No Red Five, Open Tanyao: Yes, Min Han: 1 Han, Tips: Yes, Computer: Easy, Open Hands: Disable > Create.
- - Then, in discord, type !table # ##### in #reports where # is the table number, and ##### is the five-digit room number at the top of the room screen. This will post the room number in tournament-announcements. Double check you have the room correct.
- If you are not the player listed first for your table, wait to see the name of the room appear. Once you have it, Main Page > Friendly Match > Join Room > enter #####.
- All four players should confirm that all four players are the correct players on the list, that the rules are correct, and should only click "Ready" if the players and rules are correct (4-Player South, 5+20second, From: 50000 Minimum Points to Win: 50000, No Red Five). If you start a match with the incorrect players, you risk elimination from the event. Check to make sure everything is correct before clicking Ready.
- If you have an issue with your table or the players at it, please inform the organizer via DM.
- Be aware that before your game starts, players at your table may receive Discord messages from the organizer. Pay attention to Discord when not in match.
- If you are the player listed first for your table and everyone is Ready, in discord, type !begin in #reports. Then, start your match!
- o_o Play mahjong here (finally) o_o
- When you are finished, in discord, type !report # ###### in #reports. This is your placement, and your raw score. We will calculate uma and score for you, just give the raw points.
- - Examples: First place with 75300 types !report 1 75300. Third place with 41800 types !report 3 41800.
- - All players must report their placement score. Failure to do so could result in your elimination from the event, so be sure to do it promptly!
- - If there is any discrepancy, you may be asked ot provide a game log.
- Once all games are finished, standings will be posted in tournament-announcements, the list of players (including the elimination line) is posted, and then the next round begins!

- Uma is +15/+5.
- Yes, you start at 50K not 30K or 25K. Yes, there is busting. We don't want games busting after one or two hands, but we also don't want to give players the option to significantly feed others.
- If you have an issue for some reason with a player's avatar or name, DM the organizer, who may force a player to change their avatar or name. Your request will be kept anonymous. Please use this only in good faith.
- Players are responsible for the integrity of their computer and their internet connection. Actions taken by the program while disconnected are still your responsibility, and other players have no obligation to change their play due to your disconnection.
- Cumulative scores are halved at the beginning of Day 2 and the final hanchan. - Tiebreakers are, in-order: heads-up comparison (games that all tied players played in together), highest lowest score, least fourths, most firsts, coin flip.
- Random pairings are done as follows: per round seeds are pregenerated. for each round, 1000 random seating diagrams are created, and the lowest-scoring diagram is used. Scoring for pairings: X, +Y for every pair of players that have played each other. X is the number of the pairing created/10000, Y is the number of previous games played with each other squared. Example: the first rolled pairing with all unique matchups is always taken. four pairs of players playing each other for the second time is "as bad" one pair of players playing each other for the third time.
If a player or players do not show for a match, those player or players are disqualified. those unfinished players may be re-paired randomly, including sit-in staff. If staff is not available, the highest ranked unseated players may receive byes. Players that receive byes cannot be eliminated on the same round they receive a bye, equal to the average of their current games rounded up to the nearest .1. Byes only occur past the beginning if players quit unnecessarily. Please work together to create a fun tournament for everyone!
Cheating at the tournament (harassment, combi-play, stream watching, outside/tool-assisted help), disconnecting or refusing to play, failure to show for a match, failure to follow instructions, and/or failure to act maturely in chat leads to disqualification. Disqualified players are marked as DNF in the rankings, and will be reviewed in regards to future inclusion in RiichiOut events.

Confirmed Entrants (65 so far!)
profile picture
    #00011, Luke Morgan MahjongNY
profile picture
    #00080, Michael McLeod McLeod
profile picture
    #00282, Tian senorpato
profile picture
    #00190, Claire Pozniak thursday
profile picture
    #00203, Max Suddendorf LightPinkYoshi
profile picture
    #00035, Anne Rinfret Nemi
profile picture
    #00199, Erik Karhan Erik
profile picture
    #00039, Derek Purpura lycosadie
profile picture
    #00213, Jake S Crow77
profile picture
    #00269, Marc L derpigreg
profile picture
    #00202, Kevin Z Firis
profile picture
    #00211, Andre Carneiro andrerfc
profile picture
    #00179, Arthur Luo ArtiePie
profile picture
    #00840, Alan H bitmap
profile picture
    #00102, Maxime I
profile picture
    #00212, David Taur Taru
profile picture
    #00041, Loďc Roberge bonarc712
profile picture
    #00749, Zach W
profile picture
    #00751, Diogo A Dingo
profile picture
    #00766, Fabio Q Subaraa
profile picture
    #00870, Spencer O Iiko
profile picture
    #00257, Chris W Kurisu
profile picture
    #00153, James W
profile picture
    #00134, Steve Augustin Zel
profile picture
    #00101, Jeffrey O
profile picture
    #00111, Arthur McAnally Corak
profile picture
    #00191, Pio Yoon Pio
profile picture
    #00599, Victor Zhou josai_saikyou
profile picture
    #00209, Logan H Nona
profile picture
    #00120, Taylor Heffernan bakadora
profile picture
    #00593, Bichen W Konata
profile picture
    #00594, Rachel H Queenie
profile picture
    #00300, Austin T noobitakun
profile picture
    #00183, Karl J 蟹味噌甲羅焼き
profile picture
    #00015, Jeffrey Tran eviltaxi
profile picture
    #00511, Ryoei Hirano retroeater
profile picture
    #00026, Jeremy T Cryto
profile picture
    #00087, William L
profile picture
    #00168, Jeremy Lyn Tipzntrix
profile picture
    #00104, Aaron Ebejer ChaosBlue
profile picture
    #00246, Andrew Freeman
profile picture
    #00872, Andrew G aampersand
profile picture
    #00557, Anthony Hsieh Misder
profile picture
    #00873, Ada H kittyloaf
profile picture
    #00197, Sarah Allen whitewolfos
profile picture
    #00847, Alex W Point
profile picture
    #00849, Gabe P EndofFed
profile picture
    #00758, Carlos O Haruzen
profile picture
    #00752, Cristian A foxyamato
profile picture
    #00759, Martin L
profile picture
    #00132, Brian Tseng Ibarako
profile picture
    #00119, Mike G bluebomber285
profile picture
    #00033, Jason P Abs
profile picture
    #00721, Oliver N Ashyuna
profile picture
    #00880, Diego C
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    #00225, Sarah W
profile picture
    #00879, Cristóbal N KenzoX360
profile picture
    #00845, Jeff M Ronnyron
profile picture
    #00893, Sebastián P
profile picture
    #00194, WeiBin Wang NullCipher
profile picture
    #00848, Matthew H Zafris
profile picture
    #00601, Rachel Nixon snowLeopard
profile picture
    #00275, Khang Huynh TOFO
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    #00195, Oscar Feng 不赌
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    #00756, Ivan P Uznaiker