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Luke Morgan


Twitter: @MahjongNewYork


Emily Aldridge



Client Connectivity:

Austin Tai


Twitter: @pacificml

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We'd love to have your club be a part of us! As for the things we do:
- we run a continuous league on Discord,
- big online knockout tournaments (with streamed, super-positive finals!),
- promote your tournaments and meetups to all the other clubs,
- display your skill and complete player history via multiple ranking systems,
- combine tournaments across all of North America for comprehensive standings,
- help you keep track of players and results with online tools, and
- have a great time playing mahjong!

The only requirements for a club to be listed are that the club is that they run regular in-person events, promote those events via some sort of webpage or social media, are open to other folks coming to those in-person events, and treats themselves and others with respect. We're all friends here. :)

Get hype and contact us via the form below today!

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To modify something as a player, contact your club leader, or the developer via the form below.

Tourney results are from publicly-available sources. For errors, ommissions, or name removals, please contact us.

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