Welcome to the RiichiOut Certification System!
This is a way for folks to show that they know the basics for competing in, staffing, and running tournaments.

The two biggest questions that come up at events are
"what is this hand's score?" and "is this hand furiten?"

So, RiichiOut has a way that you can keep your skills sharp, show potential tourneys looking for staffing that you know what you are doing, and show potential attendees that your staff has the skills to pay the bills judge events quickly and fairly.

How it Works
First, Link your RiichiOut Player Profile by DM'ing !leagueinfo to the RiichiOut Discord Bot and following the instructions there to connect Discord and RiichiOut.

Then, request an Exam Pass by DM'ing !exampass.

Type that in below to begin.

5-digit Player Number:     
Exam Pass: